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A Job To Kill For (aka Protege) *Beta*
Jennifer Campbell is an advetising executive determined to reach the top of her field by all means necessary. To help realize her ambitions, she hires a ruthless right hand woman, Sara Sherman. Fanatically loyal to her boss, Jennifer's young protégé secretly engages in a deadly game of seduction, blackmail and murder-all to get the job done. But when Jennifer's career threatens to destroy her marriage, she chooses to put her husband ahead of her work. Terrified of losing her mentor to a man, Sara moves in for the kill. Now Jennifer must come face to face with the monster she's created or lose everything trying.
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Mystery, Thriller
Best Friends (A.K.A.- Best Friend) *Beta*
Beth Ferrier is happy in her life-fulfilled as a wife and mother, living in a beautiful home in a safe and tranquil neighborhood. Claudia Hartnell lives across the street and seems to be the perfect best friend. Nobody would ever guess that behind Claudia's charming facade lies an insatiable desire to live an idealized life and that her relentless childhood obsession is about to turn to murderous rage. Claudia wants everything that Beth holds dear and will use any mean necessary to take it all away from her best friend.
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Thriller 11/13/2005
Nadine, a beautiful lawyer from Chicago, travels alone to Tijuana, Mexico in search of her missing sister. Her investigation presents unsettling encounters leading her on a mind-bender as she attempts to unravel the compelling truth.
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Cheating Fate (aka Time and Again) *Beta*
After Anne Malone’s husband and daughter are tragically killed in a car accident, she moves to an isolated country house to get over her grief. When she finds a mysterious music box hidden in the wall, she uncovers a key to a parallel time where she can change the past…or go crazy trying. Desperate for a chance to get her family back, she opens the music box and embarks on a perilous journey through time. Now she must fight to survive in a strange realm where nothing is as it seems, but the stakes are all too real.
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Adventure, Thriller
Combustion (aka- Silent Killer) *Beta*
A series of unexplained explosions beneath the ground erupt, leaving city engineer Scott Daniels determined to find the cause. While searching for answers, Scott discovers seismic shifts have caused pockets of deadly methane to enter the drainage system. Without a moment to lose, Scott must evacuate the city, rescue his family and revers the flow of methane before the city of Millwood is blown up.
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Action, Disaster, Drama, Thriller 08/02/2004
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