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A Month of Sundays
The story of a teenage girl, who kidnaps her grandfather, to keep him from being placed in a nursing home. The getaway turns into a quest to locate a son who vanished many years before.
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Barn Red
Michael Bolini is a rugged seasoned Italian farmer who lives alone on his precious 240-acre fruit farm. He suddenly learns that the title of his inherited farm was never transferred into his name and now the IRS wants their share of inheritance tax, based on values pumped up by development potential. With the help of his friend, a Native American woman with a passion for the land of her forefathers, they embark on a mission to resolve the unwelcome dilemma that will surely impact the future of the farm and ultimately the land all around them.
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Brainiacs (aka- The *Beta*
Eleven-year-old Matt Tyler misses his father, David, who owns a toy company, Tyler Toys. Matt thinks his father is spending too much time at the office and the only way to see more of him is to become his father's boss. With the help of his friend, Danny, Matt starts his own company - The Soon afer, Matt has enough money to buy a controlling interest in his father's business and becomes his father's boss. And the boss' orders are to spend more time with his kids, take vacations and to have fun!
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Children/Teen, Comedy, Drama, Family 11/11/2000
Broken Hill
Set against the Australian outback, BROKEN HILL is the story of Tommy McAlpine who struggles against his demanding father to become a gifted composer, with the help of a beautiful and and bold classmate.
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Drama 09/11/2009
Combustion (aka- Silent Killer) *Beta*
A series of unexplained explosions beneath the ground erupt, leaving city engineer Scott Daniels determined to find the cause. While searching for answers, Scott discovers seismic shifts have caused pockets of deadly methane to enter the drainage system. Without a moment to lose, Scott must evacuate the city, rescue his family and revers the flow of methane before the city of Millwood is blown up.
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Action, Disaster, Drama, Thriller 08/02/2004
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