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Kissing Cousins
A "relatively" romantic comedy about a professional heartbreaker (and cynical bachelor) who teams up with his attractive cousin from the UK in order to fool his friends into believing he is capable of a relationship. Hijinks and laughs ensue with a hilarious cast!
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In the comedic style of THE OFFICE and the films of Christopher Guest, CHALK is a spirited portrait of life in the trenches of that most honorable and frustrating profession: teaching.
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Treehouse Hostage *Beta*
Starring Jim Varney (from Disney's Ernest franchise) an din the spirit of Home Alone, a fund, fast-paced film about a group of kids who hold a crazy but loveable escaped convict hostage in their treehouse and the dangerous and ingenious capers they encounter.
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Comedy 01/11/1999
Brainiacs (aka- The *Beta*
Eleven-year-old Matt Tyler misses his father, David, who owns a toy company, Tyler Toys. Matt thinks his father is spending too much time at the office and the only way to see more of him is to become his father's boss. With the help of his friend, Danny, Matt starts his own company - The Soon afer, Matt has enough money to buy a controlling interest in his father's business and becomes his father's boss. And the boss' orders are to spend more time with his kids, take vacations and to have fun!
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Children/Teen, Comedy, Drama, Family 11/11/2000
I Downloaded A Ghost (aka *Beta*
Stella Blackstone (Ellen Page) and her best friend Albert (Michael Kanev) are twelve year-olds with ambitious intentions of creating an extremely spooky Halloween house. While checking for hints online they open up a web link that opens a doorway through which an annoying ghost (Carlos Alazraqui) leaves his other world and enters theirs. They find they must help this ghost resolve his problems or put up with him forever
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Comedy 07/25/2002
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