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Combustion (aka- Silent Killer) *Beta*
A series of unexplained explosions beneath the ground erupt, leaving city engineer Scott Daniels determined to find the cause. While searching for answers, Scott discovers seismic shifts have caused pockets of deadly methane to enter the drainage system. Without a moment to lose, Scott must evacuate the city, rescue his family and revers the flow of methane before the city of Millwood is blown up.
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Action, Disaster, Drama, Thriller 08/02/2004
Contagion (aka- The Last Breath) *Beta*
When the President of the United States is shot by a sniper with a deadly, fast-acting virus, top epidemiologist Diane Landis fights to find a cure and contain the spread with less than 36 hours to do it.
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Action, Disaster, Thriller 09/22/2001
Family Under Siege (aka- Dynamite) *Beta*
Fay Baxter's suburban life is turned upside down when trhee well-armed robbers invade her home, holding her and her children hostage while they use her husband to gain access to a set of rare coins. Fay is in a race against time to save her family by struggling to outwit and outmaneuver a trio of deadly adversaries in a truly explosive situation.
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Action 12/13/2002
Fangs (aka Batphobia) *Beta*
Suspicious activity in a college animal laboratory suddenly turns the sleepy town of Scottsville into a place of mass hysteria and horror. Vicious genetically altered bats escape in the night..and they are thirsty for blood.
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Action 07/23/2002
Fireball *Beta*
When pro football star Tyler “The Fuse” Draven is suspended from the league for drugs, he goes on a rampage that lands him his hometown jail. A fire in his cell badly burns his body, transforming the experimental sports drugs in his veins into powerful new compounds, giving him superhuman strength and control over fire. He escapes, unleashing his vengeful rage on Cedar Hills. Now a local fire investigator and federal agent must band together to stop him from wiping the town off the map in a nuclear inferno.
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Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Thriller 01/05/2009
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