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Deadly Visions (aka Transplant) *Beta*
Is the underlying cause of Ann Culver's nightmares caused by her surgical transplants or has she been given a second sight - an insight to the life and brutal murder of her donor Julie Zack? Ann hones in on the killer and her nightmares become a reality that she may not survive.
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Thriller 10/18/2004
Past Tense *Beta*
Kim Shay is a widow stuggling to help her young daughter, Sara, overcome a recurring nightmare of a man coming to kill her. But after visiting a psycologist, Kim isn't so sure her daughter is just dreaming. Under hypnosis, Sara insists that the man convicted of killing both her father and Penny Romig - the mysterious woman who fills her dreams - was innocent of the crime. Kim embarks on a dangerous investigation that uncovers a tangled web of police corruption, hidden evidence, and a deadly cover up. Bent on justice, Kim will put everything on the line to protect her daughter and stop a killer before it's too late.
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Secrets of Pine Cove (aka Ashes to Ashes) *Beta*
Jill Robinson and her cousin Patti arrive on the enchanted Maple Island, in search of romance. Jill finds it in local artist Chris Bergner, however, after seeing birthmark on her neck, he cools to her and insists she leave the island. The town doctor, Faye, convinces Jill to stay and fight for her man, but in the meantime, Jill's cousin, Patti has gone missing and soon turns up dead. Jill's search for her cousin and answers about her death lead her to a chilling discovery - the residents of Maple Island don't grow old and don't die! The good doctor's chilling experiments are behind this seeming miracle, but it has its sinister side: an outsider must die every year to provide the antibodies for her vaccine - and Jill is next! The love between Jill and Chris wins out in the end and he gives up his immortality to destroy the doctor and leave the island to live out his remaining days with his true love.
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Towards Darkness
As the minutes of a kidnapped hostage's life slip away, frustration mounts as his family and a special ops team rush to save his life.
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Thriller 06/03/2008
Combustion (aka- Silent Killer) *Beta*
A series of unexplained explosions beneath the ground erupt, leaving city engineer Scott Daniels determined to find the cause. While searching for answers, Scott discovers seismic shifts have caused pockets of deadly methane to enter the drainage system. Without a moment to lose, Scott must evacuate the city, rescue his family and revers the flow of methane before the city of Millwood is blown up.
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Action, Disaster, Drama, Thriller 08/02/2004
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