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Fangs (aka Batphobia) *Beta*
Suspicious activity in a college animal laboratory suddenly turns the sleepy town of Scottsville into a place of mass hysteria and horror. Vicious genetically altered bats escape in the night..and they are thirsty for blood.
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Action 07/23/2002
Frozen Impact *Beta*
When an unexpected violent hailstorm blows through Rutland, Vermont, it causes a plane to crash into a near-by mountainside. Only, this plane is carrying the liver of Dr. Christy Blanchard's son, Jason, who is in need of a liver transplant. Dan Blanchard races into the storm, enduring its brutal battering to recover the liver, but in the end, it's up to Christy to save her son's life as she must perform the liver transplant.
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Action 01/17/2003
Landslide *Beta*
In an instant, the earth breaks open, swallowing hikers, trees, and electrical towers, and turns an entire mountainside into a rolling avalanche of soil, timber and rock - destroying everything in its wake. It's up to Mark Decker to rely on his firefighter skills to find a way above ground before all hope is lost.
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Action 11/01/2004
Combustion (aka- Silent Killer) *Beta*
A series of unexplained explosions beneath the ground erupt, leaving city engineer Scott Daniels determined to find the cause. While searching for answers, Scott discovers seismic shifts have caused pockets of deadly methane to enter the drainage system. Without a moment to lose, Scott must evacuate the city, rescue his family and revers the flow of methane before the city of Millwood is blown up.
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Action, Disaster, Drama, Thriller 08/02/2004
Inhabited *Beta*
When the Russels move into an old house, they have no idea of the evil lurking in the woods just outside their door…an evil that wraps the family in a web of fear and terror. In the end, only the chains of love that hold the family together are enough to outlast an adversary that is as malevolent as it is powerful.
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Action 12/12/2002
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