A Job To Kill For (aka Protege) *Beta*
DIRECTORS: Bill Corcoran
CAST: Kwesi Ameyaw, Ari Cohen, Georgia Craig, Jocelyne Loewen, Michael St. John Smith, Lucia Walters, Sean Young
GENRE(s): Mystery, Thriller
SYNOPSIS: Jennifer Campbell is an advetising executive determined to reach the top of her field by all means necessary. To help realize her ambitions, she hires a ruthless right hand woman, Sara Sherman. Fanatically loyal to her boss, Jennifer's young protégé secretly engages in a deadly game of seduction, blackmail and murder-all to get the job done. But when Jennifer's career threatens to destroy her marriage, she chooses to put her husband ahead of her work. Terrified of losing her mentor to a man, Sara moves in for the kill. Now Jennifer must come face to face with the monster she's created or lose everything trying.




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