Her Sister's Keeper (aka Sisters - Two Sisters) *Beta*
DIRECTORS: Michael Scott
CAST: Ty Olsson, Meghan Ory, Dahlia Salem
GENRE(s): Thriller
SYNOPSIS: Kate Sloan, a successful carrer woman in her early thirties, finds her world turned upside down when, Melissa, her "bad girl" young sister disappears. At the same time, trough her work, Kate meets the man of her dreams, Alan. Looking for her sister, Kate enters a dangerously unfamiliar world of losers and crooks. She soon finds herself with more trouble than she bargained for when it turns out that not only is Melissa missing, so is a fair amount of drug money. Things get even more complicated when Kate comes to belive that her new boyfriend is, in fact, one of the bad guys out to find the missing money. Along the way, Kate and her sister are reunited, coming face to face with the issues that have so long divided them. In a surprising conclusion, Alan lays down his life for Kate, allowing her and Melissa to turn the tables on their pursuers.




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