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Stranger in Town (aka Bad Prospect)
Jack Beldon is a drifter who insinuates himself into a widow's family. Her 13-year-old son has strong reservations about opening their home to a "stranger" and these feelings are compounded after a local woman is found strangled in her home. The boy detective uncovers dark secrets about Jack's past and his alias. Is Jack a ladykiller or has the "harmless" drifter gone off the deep end?
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Fangs (aka Batphobia) *Beta*
Suspicious activity in a college animal laboratory suddenly turns the sleepy town of Scottsville into a place of mass hysteria and horror. Vicious genetically altered bats escape in the night..and they are thirsty for blood.
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Action 07/23/2002
Farewell to Harry
On a journey back home to write his life story, writer Nick Sennett has a chance meeting with boozing ex-hat maker, Harry Wyle. This meeting ignites a rich and complicated friendship, and together they hatch a plan to save Harry's dying hat factory.
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Deadly Visions (aka Transplant) *Beta*
Is the underlying cause of Ann Culver's nightmares caused by her surgical transplants or has she been given a second sight - an insight to the life and brutal murder of her donor Julie Zack? Ann hones in on the killer and her nightmares become a reality that she may not survive.
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Thriller 10/18/2004
Frozen Impact *Beta*
When an unexpected violent hailstorm blows through Rutland, Vermont, it causes a plane to crash into a near-by mountainside. Only, this plane is carrying the liver of Dr. Christy Blanchard's son, Jason, who is in need of a liver transplant. Dan Blanchard races into the storm, enduring its brutal battering to recover the liver, but in the end, it's up to Christy to save her son's life as she must perform the liver transplant.
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Action 01/17/2003
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